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The owners are our partners and
each project is tailor-made

A home staging project for
your apartment

For each apartment, a home staging project is carried out, with an architect and an interior designer. The project is presented to the owner along with the rental proposal. Upon accepting the proposal, the work begins, with no costs for the owner that from this moment and without taking care of anything, will receive the agreed monthly fee. The apartment will be taken care of by Kamchu, who will take care of the management, routine maintenance and all related fulfillments. A property manager will manage the property taking care of the guests and even the weekly cleaning of the apartment, entrusted to the loving care of a housekeeper.

Guarantees for your property?

Guaranteed rent
every month
Restyling to enhance
your property
Careful care
of your apartment

We offer your property to students and professional workers who are looking for accommodation for few months. But we guarantee you the rent every month for 4/6/8 years.

think of everything kamchù

Homestaging: renovation and furniture
Positioning on international markets
Guest welcome
Apartment and bureaucracy management
Regular maintenance and regular cleaning
Supervision of the property thanks to the Property Manager

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