Kamchū is a young, enterprising and dynamic agency, specialized in the management of residential properties in the center or close to the main universities. It provides single rooms accessorized and especially set up for students and young workers looking for accommodation in Rome. It offers full optional rooms, cozy and pleasant designed for those who plan ato stay in Rome for medium-short periods (from 1 to 12 months). His vocation is well expressed by the origin of his name: "Kamchū" comes from the union of two phonemes, Kam-, from kamer meaning "room" in Dutch, and - ch' from Tocha which means "during the journey" in Japanese. The union of these two sounds perfectly represents Kamchū 's identity not only for its purpose, consisting in offering housing solutions designed for those who need to feel at home on the other side of the world during a stretch of his life, but also for his ideals based on integration between peoples, cultures and different civilizations.


Kamchū believes in the possibility of a comfortable and complete life at the same time. He believes that any life experience that allows you to see and learn about new places living outside the normal routine is an opportunity for personal growth by every point of view, practical and cultural. Our mission is to helping to improve and simplify the lives of all those who live far from their home, for working or studying.


Kamchū sees our planet as smaller and smaller. It is always easier to move from one region of the world to another one, and the accessible opportunities are and will be greater. Living, even for a period, in a distant and new place, allows us to enrich ourselves by making our lives richer and more complete. Kamchū aims to be that fast, thoughtless solution for all those who desire or should live somewhere else in the world, allowing themselves to think only about the experience to be lived. No bureaucracy, chores or worries about the house.


Convenience: we love offering our guests functional and living solutions equipped with all comforts, ready and pleasant to live, starting since today!
Design&Style: we like beauty, we admit it! That's why our spaces are designed and made with a home staging project made by an Interior Designer.
Sharing: Our guests come from 40 countries and 4 continents. Our apartments are designed and furnished with the logic of sharing, an effervescent balance between reserved spaces (we only have single rooms) and shared spaces (lounge areas or outdoor spaces), because - in our opinion - experiences and values, if shared, become one of the greatest sources of personal enrichment.

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Kamchū Team

Luca P.
Michele R.
Marketing Manager
Property Acquisition
Matteo P.
Property Manager
Finance Consultant
Piergiorgio M.
Account Advisor
Silveria D.
Human Resourse
Annalisa L.
Legal Assistance
Marketing Consultant
Leonardo B.
Marta B.
Home Staging
F.I.D.E.A. Srl
Orchidea srl
Restructuring e Maintenance
Maria N.
House Keeping